Tired of your purse or bag straps slipping off your shoulder? Introducing the Strap Dragon, a stylish genuine, high quality leather accessory that holds your straps together. Keep your bag's contents secure and easy to reach with Strap Dragon's patented magnetic closure system. Available in three (3) sizes to fit any bag straps, and comes in a variety of colors to match your personality!


* The fit measurements refer to the snap closure range on one strap (use a tape measure to determine the size of your straps).  The fit may vary depending on width and circumference of the purse or bag straps. 


Position the Strap Dragon on the inner strap that is worn closest to your neck


Fold the Strap Dragon over and secure with the snap


Fold the opposite end over and connect the magnets

Current Stock:
Width: 2.67
Height: 4.50
Depth: 1.00

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5 Stars

I use mine on my everyday purse and didn't realize how much could use this until I had it. The snap and magnet design is smart, I leave it on my strap and getting in and out of my purse is never a hassle. Its a great product. LOVE it.