"I love my cheetah print Strap Dragon because it helps keep my bag snugly on my shoulder while serving as a fun, stylish addition to liven up my wardrobe." Kyra M.



"I love the Strap Dragon’s snap feature, it keeps it on my strap at all times. I never have to fish around in my purse for it; its always right there when I need to use it." Dorretha B.



"My Strap Dragon has both eliminated a major annoyance and added some flavor to my life. Not only is it functional and simple to use, but it also looks great." Shauna R.



"What a great discovery! Finally someone has created the perfect solution to my purse strap issues. Strap Dragons are a Godsend!" Dawn H.



"I love that my Strap Dragon gives me a pop of color, and it is functional! No more straps falling down over and over again!" Lindsey R.



"Strap Dragons to the rescue! Before this helpful tool, my purse straps were always slipping off my shoulder while running errands and at the most inconvenient times. The Strap Dragon is simple yet powerful and incredibly helpful." Jessica L.



"I can't go a day without my Strap Dragon. Being a mom of small children, I’m constantly carrying at least two bags on my shoulder. Before the Strap Dragon, bending down to pick up a kid in a hurry usually meant sitting her down again to pick up the contents that had fallen out of my purse because the straps would fall off my shoulder. With the Strap Dragon I don’t have to think about it anymore, which makes my outings much less of a hassle. This is a must have for every woman (especially moms) on the go." Robin L.




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